Cryogenic Equipment

Equipment to fit your needs

The equipment division of Cryogenic Processors offers the same pelletizers utilized in our facility. These processors have a long history in ice cream with Dippin’ Dots. The same technology has been used by the world’s leading companies in functional bacteria production for decades. With pelletizers in Europe, Asia and the US, these pelletizers meet the needs and requirements of both food and nutraceutical companies around the world.

Each pelletizer is custom designed to best fit the needs of the customer. We work with design/build firms, engineering firms, as well as directly with end users from the conceptual facility design stages through pelletizer commissioning, startup, and training to deliver a custom-tailored pelletizer that is ready to deliver.

With several capacity ranges available, each pelletizer is designed to match the facility’s design capacity. Various levels of automation are also offered, from a standalone unit to a fully automated machine. Fully automated pelletizers are designed to fully integrate into a centralized plant control platform or operate as an independent system. Stand alone units are designed to be outfitted by the experienced customer.


Industries we serve

Industries that benefit from our cryogenic flash freezing services include:

  • Food ingredients
  • Functional bacteria
  • Cheese and yogurt starter cultures
  • Probiotics
  • Agriculture probiotics
  • Agriculture additives
  • Flavorings
  • Protein isolates
  • Cosmetics