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About Cryogenic Processors

Pushing the limits of possibility

With over 30 years of expertise in the field, we’ve mastered the art of harnessing the power of extreme cold to transform industries and push the boundaries of possibility. Discover the Cryogenic Processors difference today and elevate your products to new heights of success.


Imagine freezing large quantities of products in liquid nitrogen, turning them into a whole new level of chill. Our cutting-edge cryogenic applications make it a reality. From preserving your perishables to delivering container loads of temperature-sensitive goods worldwide, we’ve got you covered.


At Cryogenic Processors, we take it a step further. Our skilled team can pelletize your products, unlocking the potential for lyophilization or preparing them for downstream processing. We’re here to provide tailored solutions that meet your unique needs.


When it comes to storage, we’ve got the perfect icy haven for your sensitive products. Our mechanical cryogenic freezers ensure that your goods are kept at precise temperatures ranging from -40 to -84 Celsius (-40 to -122 Fahrenheit). Rest assured, your valuable items are in safe hands with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • As a contract manufacturer we work closely with our clients to cryogenically freeze their specific product.
  • Most clients come to us to help find a solution to a current challenge with ingredients or products.
  • Lyophilization: Some customers look to Cryogenic Processors to pelletize material and then have the finished frozen product lyophilized.
  • Items that freeze best have low viscosity and low sugar amounts (to reduce sticking).
  • Locks-in freshness and
  • Preserves quality
  • Increases shelf life
  • Portion control and reduces prep time
  • Reduces artificial perseverates
  • Provides the ability to process large volumes consistently
  • Creates innovation through taste, texture and visual appearance.

cryogenic Experts

Meet our team

Kevin McClain

Vice President & General Manager

Kevin has over 27 years of experience in specialized manufacturing; including aseptic food, cryogenically frozen food, and dairy processing, along with process development. With former positions with Dean Foods, Prairie Farms Dairy, Shamrock Foods and Dippin’ Dots, Kevin has developed a unique knowledge base and skillset relating to many aspects of manufacturing. During his career at Dippin Dots, Kevin developed new packaging and processing technologies for cryogenically frozen food and food ingredients.

Today Kevin leads the Cryogenic Processors team with his expertise in research and development, manufacturing and process development, and specialized equipment design. He oversees contract manufacturing and equipment development operations. Kevin is currently working to bring newly patented cryogenic process equipment to market.

Beth McClain

Cryogenics Manager

Beth began her career in cryogenic processing when she joined the Dippin’ Dots team in 2011 in the accounting department. Beth was always curious and wanted to learn more about the process so in 2015 she shifted from accounting to the operations side of the business with a role in Research and Development, International logistics, and specialized equipment development and sales. With the inception of Dippin’ Dots Cryogenics in 2018; She added contract manufacturing to her skillset.

Today in her current role with Cryogenic Processors, Beth is responsible for customer communications, logistics, and project planning. She also manages contract manufacturing with duties including customer relations, quality compliance, procurement, and inventory control.

Beth earned an Associate of Arts degree with high distinction from West Kentucky Community and Technical College. In 2018 she completed the International Trade Certification Program with the World Trade Center Kentucky to become an International Commerce Specialist.

Reach New Heights

With a passion for innovation and a commitment to excellence, Cryogenic Processors is ready to revolutionize your industry.